Month: July 2023

How to Remodel Your Basement

While it may be possible to remodel a basement yourself, most home improvement projects are better off with professional help from contractors. They will ensure that the work is done according to code and is done correctly. A permit might be needed depending on the extent of your renovation. Prior to beginning construction, it is…

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An Extensive Guide to Different Approaches for Waterproofing Basements

The basement is a part of any building and it requires careful attention and upkeep especially when it comes to protecting it from water damage. Ignoring the importance of waterproofing can have consequences, including significant structural harm the growth of mold and a decrease in property value. Therefore having an understanding of the various methods…

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How to Keep Water Away From House Foundation

While we love April showers, they can lead to flooding basements and structural damage. The key is to keep water away from the house foundation so that it can soak into the ground or evaporate. There are a number of ways to do this. Start with the basics like cleaning gutters and adding downspout extensions…

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